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About Us

Michael and Simon Back were among the first blueberry growers in South Africa. The Backs have three blueberry farms, namely Sonop, Simonsberg, and Greendale. All three of the farms are situated on the Klapmuts Simondium Road, on the foothills of the Simonsberg mountain.

Great care is taken in growing and tending the blueberry orchards. A combination of growing methods are used: some plants are grown in the ground, some in pots, some under shade cloth, and some under poly. All of this is in search of the perfect blueberry. More and more there is also a move to farming as naturally as possible with traditional pesticides being replaced by natural predator bugs and mushroom sprays. A recent addition to the blueberry farms is the Blueberry Bar, a humble shop, situated on the Sonop property, where you can buy fresh blueberries straight from the farm.

You can also grab a coffee or better still a blueberry smoothie! We are excited to launch this website where you can buy blueberries for delivery to your doorstep.

- Michael and Simon Back